Tom Cruise and Russia Racing to shoot a movie in space – fr

Tom Cruise and Russia Racing to shoot a movie in space – fr

Earlier this week, Russian space agency Roscosmos announced plans to film a movie in space later this year. Apparently titled Challenge, the film by filmmaker Klim Shipenko and will star actress Yulia Peresild. Challenge will tell “the story of the mission of a woman surgeon to perform an operation on a cosmonaut too ill to immediately return to Earth”.

Shipenko and Peresild have already gone through a creative and medical selection process and will undergo special space flight training in June. Roscosmos will subject the duo to centrifugation and vibration tests, weightless aircraft flights and parachute training ahead of their scheduled launch on October 5.

The news means that a new space race between the United States and Russia has begun. In 2020, it was announced that Tom Cruise would be part of a joint project between Elon Musk’s SpaceX and NASA to produce the first narrative feature in space.

Also slated for launch in October, Cruise and director Doug Liman will take off aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon rocket and capsule to the ISS. The project is still untitled, but Universal Studios has committed US $ 200 million to create the action-adventure film.

In case you missed it, a recent fan poll revealed that most fans don’t want Hollywood manga / anime live action movies.


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