Tim Hortons Cold Brew beverage sparks fierce criticism – fr

Tim Hortons Cold Brew beverage sparks fierce criticism – fr

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Tim Hortons is finding out the hard way that the old adage “Everyone’s critical” is true.

The coffee chain asked customers to help describe their new Cold Brew drink, and the results were decidedly mixed.

Tims posted a promotional video on his Twitter page on Sunday about the new cold coffee drink, with the campaign slogan: “It’s fun to try. Fun to describe. “

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“It’s like when acrylic meets the color of water,” star poet Alexis B. said in the ad.

The video caption then asked customers to help describe the Cold Brew, which can currently be purchased in classic or vanilla creme flavors at participating Tim Hortons.

“This description was correct. it literally tastes like paint water. the water I use to wash my brushes. very sad excuse for a cold brew, ”tweeted @ yesiloveme4940

“Tasted like piss water,” @teaganrooney tweeted. “I don’t think I’ve ever been more disappointed with anything than Tim Hortons’ Cold Vanilla Cream Beer.

In a press release announcing Cold Brew on Monday, Tim Hortons said it was “slowly cold steeped for 16 hours to enhance flavor and produce a bold and delicious coffee experience.” Guests will love the extremely smooth and rich taste of Cold Brew and can also order a Vanilla Cream Cold Brew, made from 100% Canadian dairy, with a sweet and creamy taste.

Some customers, however, have said the drink can taste great, depending on how it’s made.

“I had it twice the first time, it was well done and it was really good. The second time it was really great and it was hardly worth the drink, ”tweeted @Zack_est_Trudos

“Tim Hortons does really good things with this cold beer. tweeted @thecolinginter,


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