Thousands of people receive coronavirus vaccine at clinic run by Ontario construction company –

Thousands of people receive coronavirus vaccine at clinic run by Ontario construction company – fr

Thousands of Ontarians receive their COVID-19 shots not at pharmacies or doctor’s offices, but at a clinic brought together by a construction company through a public-private partnership.

The clinic run by EllisDon in Mississauga, Ont., Saw more than 15,000 people make appointments, scheduled for May 19-26.

“We are completely full. And we only have families, children, communities getting vaccinated, and the emotions here are so strong, ”said Steve Chaplin, vice president of health, safety and the environment.

“It’s so powerful. It’s a really great feeling for us as a company to be able to sponsor this.

EllisDon is one of the many companies that run their own vaccination clinics. Others include Amazon, Maple Leaf Foods, and Maple Lodge Farms, though these companies don’t currently offer photos to community members.

Instead, some companies said they would “sponsor” pop-up clinics at some point.

Organizing such a clinic is sort of a backbone for EllisDon, but making rapid changes has become the norm for many companies over the past 14 months.

From securing personal protective equipment to offering rapid tests and now vaccines, the company has had to adapt to stay operational during the COVID-19 pandemic, said Chaplin, who has taken the lead of the organization of vaccine collection.

Initially, the company had planned to offer snapshots to employees and their families, he said.

“Our initial thought was that there weren’t enough resources to get vaccines into the guns, and we knew the supply was coming, so we started pursuing industry-led clinics with the province. ”Said Chaplin.

But with this model, they had only filled 1,700 appointments out of 15,000 possible.

“What we thought we would do is respond sincerely to the community, saying, ‘All we want to do is get shot and help people. So if you’re 12 and over and can make it here, let’s make a difference, ”he said.

But getting to this point was no easy feat.

He said he had just over a week left from when the company was given the green light to operate the clinic until opening day.

“We were fortunate to have two nursing companies that we used to do the rapid tests,” Chaplin said. “But the key here is that we don’t have medical staff with EllisDon. We’re a construction company, we build things. And so we just know how to get things done.

EllisDon has teamed up with a few other companies – Flynn, Modern Niagara and Central Ontario Building Trades – to pay for everything except for the vaccines provided by the Region of Peel.

In addition to the nurses, they had to recruit an outside company that could handle the private healthcare information involved in making appointments for vaccines and registering people, he said.

Such a model further fragments the bumpy deployment of the vaccine in Ontario.

Those who booked a vaccine at the EllisDon clinic could not do so through the provincial reservation system or the phone line, or through a regional website. Instead, they had to go to a different website, where they could find out about media reports, social media accounts dedicated to sharing vaccine information, or word of mouth.

Ontario had administered 8,065,607 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine as of Sunday. More than 530,000 residents had been fully immunized.


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