Thousands of French police protest to demand more protection – fr

Thousands of French police protest to demand more protection – fr

Linda Kebbab, representative of Unity SGP Working Police Force, the largest police union, said the police often faced “the collective failure of the state over the past 40 years” in implementing appropriate social and educational policies, especially in social and educational areas. poor and high crime areas. Instead, she said, officers had become the government’s last resort to provide security in these areas, at their own risk.

“We are sacrificed,” she said in an interview.

During the demonstration, which was also joined by citizens expressing their support for the police, Daniel Chomette, Alliance Police representative and police officer for 34 years, said that the police often “felt like they were working for nothing” .

“We ask the police to solve all the problems of society, even if they put an obstacle in front of us,” said Mr. Chomette, as the protesters behind him held signs saying: “Paid to serve, not to die”.

Police have rejected proposals to reform their methods, such as banning strangling, and to open up to more scrutiny of racism. Police unions also recently halted months-long discussions with the government over potential reforms.

Controversies over the murderous and brutal police interventions sparked widespread protests against the police last year. A contentious security law empowering the police drew thousands of protesters to the streets as video footage revealed the brutal passage of black music producer Michel Zecler through his own Paris studio by officers.


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