“This Is Us” Season 5 Finale – Is Kate Alive In The Future? –

“This Is Us” Season 5 Finale – Is Kate Alive In The Future? – fr

Just when we thought It’s us could end season 5 without taking us on a little time jump, the last two minutes of Tuesday’s finale planned the action in four years. And in doing so, the show may have answered a question that has plagued viewers since it started messing with its schedule a few seasons ago:

Why hasn’t Kate made a substantial appearance in the other flash-forwards? Is she (sip) is no longer with us?

The finale’s brief foray into the future showed us the morning of Kate’s second wedding, to her music school colleague Phillip (played by You are the worstChris Geere). We were led to believe that she and Toby were divorced sometime after Madison and Kevin’s abortive nuptials. (Read a full episode recap and take a deep dive into the new flash-forward.)

And that plays out in one of the show’s other two flash-forwards – specifically, the one that shows Rebecca on what appears to be her deathbed at home in rural Pennsylvania. And while we’ve always thought that the “she” referenced when Toby and Randall talk during this flash-forward (“She wants you to be there, Tobe,” Randall tells him) was referring to Rebecca, maybe we did. are deceived. Perhaps this is Kate they’re referencing – and we’d understand why, if they’re divorced at this point, Toby would feel weird to be included in a very emotional Pearson moment – which would mean Kate is still alive at this point in the story.

This is not the most substantial evidence, we admit. But that’s enough to rekindle our curiosity about how the future of the family will play out. And while series creator Dan Fogelman didn’t directly address the issue of Kate’s existence during a call with reporters on Tuesday, he said the remarriage of Chrissy Metz’s character was “part of our business. plan from the start.

“We have hinted, repeatedly in a deeper future, that something was wrong between [Kate] and [Toby]Fogelman said. “And here we are. “

Hour also inferred that Phillip would have a greater presence in It’s us‘sixth and final season.

“Obviously, Chris is going to be a big part of the series next year,” the executive producer confirmed, adding that Geere will be promoted to the series regular in Season 6.

He went on to say that while viewers of the finale could only focus on the heartbreak of Kevin and Madison’s unsuccessful marriage and Kate and Toby’s implied breakup, it was important to the show’s editorial staff. may the hour end on an optimistic note.

“The balance of our show has always been – I think we said it out loud with Gerald McRaney’s character, Dr. K, a season or two ago – is to mix the tragedy and heartbreak of life with joy and beauty too, ”Fogelman said. “They have to be able to coexist to capture what we’re trying to capture on this show. Marriages do not always survive. People don’t live forever. “

He added, “This show has always been about taking snapshots of a family’s existence at a particular time period, looking back or looking forward and seeing how you get from point A to point B or point B to point C, or sometimes point C to point B. But at the end of the day, it’s an upbeat show.

To that end: The EP promised fans can hope to have all of their questions about each flash-forward answered by the series finale. “Because our audience has been so dedicated, and because we hope we’ve smartly set up the confined areas where these future deadlines live, I think you’re going to have a real sense of purpose and completion for this family.” , did he declare. “This is where the mixed VHS tapes of this family’s existence will all merge and ultimately speak to each other. And so we’ve worked tirelessly to put together this fulfilling final season so that all the pieces come together.


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