This Is Us Saison 5 Finale Recap Episode 16: Les Adirondacks –

This Is Us Saison 5 Finale Recap Episode 16: Les Adirondacks – fr

It’s us

The Adirondacks

Season 5

Episode 16

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5 stars

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Oh hi, It’s us fam. Don’t bother me, I’m just here bringing my eyeballs back to my head because those last few minutes of the season five finale were wild (related to It’s us, obviously). Ugh, lord, I feel so alive! Maybe it’s more of a referendum on me than on the show, but big! things! come! as we are about to embark on the final season of the Pearson saga! We all know this show can meander, but that finale was a bunch of decisive storyline capped by a surprise ending that gave us just enough information that we didn’t spend our downtime wondering. who that’s it [redacted] is getting married in five years and may just wonder how the show is going to use its last 18 episodes to fill the gaps between where we leave the Pearsons right now and the two big time jumps ahead that we have now knowledge to. And folks, there’s going to be a lot of blanks to fill in. Let’s get to the heart of the matter, okay?

First stop: let’s talk about it Dynasty. Honestly, kudos to It’s us for not only finding an ’80s TV series with a wild marriage finale, but a series that has a wild marriage finale to wrap up its fifth season. It’s parallels, baby. We have a little story in 1985 that is really about the Pearsons having a family wedding in their living room to assure the tiny Big Three that mom and dad love each other after a fight. (It’s a little weird, but it’s also the Pearsons, so we’ll go.) But since the fight between Jack and Rebecca begins when Rebecca realizes that Jack made her miss the episode of the massacre Moldovan wedding of Dynasty, all I could think of was, is anyone going to die at Kevin’s wedding? It looks like something It’s us would, but luckily things are only metaphorically killed! Things like Kevin and Madison’s relationship!

It’s true, the wedding of the century never happens. It’s the day of the big event and as the Pearsons gather at the hotel Kevin rented, the groom runs desperately to try and make this wedding perfect for Madison. Meanwhile, Madison, who has been thinking things through clearly since reviewing this newlyweds game video, is so verified. She thinks of several defining moments in her life: the day her mother left and gave her earrings as a farewell gift; this time before an eighth grade dance where her dad told her to go with whoever is willing to take her and not expect more from life (wow, man!); break up with a boyfriend who informs her that he doesn’t have the same feelings for her that she has for him and that she still embarrassingly wants to stay with him. All of these moments add to a realization that Madison has lived her life being “grateful” for the “bits of affection” people have given her and now, thanks to her relationship with Kevin, she knows that. she deserves more than that.

So, Madison goes to Kevin’s room, two hours before they’re supposed to say “yes”, and asks him outright if he’s in love with her. Kevin seems to be throwing up. He tells her very nice things about how he loves the life they are building and he loves their family and he thinks she is amazing but he never brings himself to say that he is in love with her as she is with him. He doesn’t want to call her, however – he thinks their relationship can grow over time – but Madison doesn’t think that’s how they should get married. She wants more than just that.

The wedding is over and that leaves us with a cute little scene between our four main Pearsons – did we have a lot of scenes from just four of them? That’s great – in which they tell Kevin he’ll be fine and talk about what Jack would have done if he was here, what they mostly do: don’t leave Kevin, make sure he doesn’t. not drink, and keep it busy. In fact, Rebecca has an idea to help Kevin keep busy, one really asks: she asks Kevin to build her the house next to the cabin that Jack had designed for her; the one he was going to build for her but never had the chance. Kevin says yes. He looks moved and honored to do this for her and it feels very, very good for him! The four of them hold hands as Rebecca says she would marry any of them if that sort of thing was allowed, because moms love to make things weird and honestly that’s the mark for this. family. In short, I cry about it and I hate myself for it. It’s been a long year, okay ?!

Rebecca is also having a great time with her other son. Friends! We finally get what appears to be a fence regarding Randall and Rebecca’s relationship breakup after her William-sized lie was revealed, something that has been standing there asking for a big conversation for quite some time. time. With her time so fleeting, Rebecca is really making moves to say what she needs to each of her children. As much as Randall – excuse me, Randy P – tries to avoid it, so much Rebecca continues to corner her son in hopes of learning more about his trip to New Orleans.

The first time they sit down to chat, Randall goes through two photos and Rebecca bursts into tears after seeing that Randall has Laurel’s eyes. Randall tries to change the subject, then is mercifully called back. Rebecca finds him later and tells him that she “leaves [him] let [her] picked up too many times. They need to have this conversation, she needs to atone for what she knows she did to him by not only lying about William, but not allowing him to talk about his birth parents. She isn’t jealous or hurt when he talks about William and Laurel, and she needs him to understand that these aren’t the reasons she starts crying. “I know what I stole from my favorite person,” she told him, both in tears. There are hugs and more crying, and then Randall starts talking to his mom about his birth mom. It’s a scene, people.

But what about our other member of the Big Three? The Theodore of the group, if you will. Kate spends most of Kevin’s wedding day pondering the news Toby just broke – he got a job offer, but that will mean three days a week in San Francisco. She doesn’t want to give up a job she loves, but then she thinks about her wedding vows and how she promised to put Toby’s needs above hers (not very healthy, but we did. no time to unpack that). She makes a decision. She calls Phillip, the surly professor she helped – you know, the guy who told her to her face that he didn’t want to hire her but that she was forced on him – and tells him that she is resigning to that her husband can leave. back to work. Phillip says no. She may have come to see him without any qualifications or skills, but it turns out that she’s amazing at her job. And “on rare occasions” she is funny. He refuses to accept his resignation and hangs up the phone.

When Kate sees Toby next, she has processed Phillip’s words. She’s great at her job, and she loves doing it. She won’t give up. And Toby would still have to take that job in San Francisco because it makes him happy. They will make it work because they are Kate and Toby and they love to quote each other from movies and have been through a lot of storms before. They can do it together. In fact, Kate and Toby seem to be in a better place than they’ve been in a long, long time.

But you can’t be too comfortable with Kate and Toby’s relationship. For some reason, we know in no time, in the future, that Toby and Kate are not together. But there’s a much bigger, much more imminent reason for concern: The episode ends with us returning to Kevin in a tuxedo working on a wedding speech in the bathroom mirror (this is how episode begins), but it’s not a wedding speech. Hold on to your butt.

It’s five years into the future and Kevin breaks into a room where Madison and Beth tell him “no boys allowed” and try to push him away, but he would like to talk to the bride about his speech. The bride comes out into the bedroom … and it is Kate. She looks beautiful and radiant and seems more than happy to be married again. Kevin leaves the room then bumps into the groom in the hallway. Kate marries grumpy professor Phillip. PEOPLE. I don’t know how to describe the sound that left my body at that point, but it was one of me who was very involved in this development. Uh, season six, you have a lot of explaining to do.

• More important flash-forward info to Kate’s wedding in five years: Kevin’s speech is written on Big Three Homes stationery, there is makeup in his bathroom that appears to belong to a woman, Randall has been written in the New Yorker under a rising star profile, Kevin and Madison seem to be on good terms, and uh, Uncle Nicky delivers stockings to his wife.

• Still no update on The Flash In The Way, The Way Of The Future: We still don’t know where Kate or Miguel are at this point, who Kevin and Nicky are married to, or who the father is. of Deja’s baby.

• Oh buddy: Malik tells Deja he’s been accepted to Harvard, and how can you refuse that? Deja’s first love moving to Boston while in high school in Philadelphia is hard enough, but remember Malik’s daughter’s mother also lives in Boston, so that’s complicated.

• Look, I understand Tess has had a tough and life-changing year, but this kid should know something: NO ONE FEELS Comfortable in a bridesmaid dress. It’s, like, the law. That being said, I am very happy that she and her mother have made amends.

• Uh, guys, where’s Carol?

• Very sad to think that young people today will not understand this specific tragedy that was happening to someone recorded on your show. My God, Jack, she clearly labeled it “DO NOT TAP”.

• Rebecca yelling at Jack Dynasty because she spent a week avoiding spoilers and the whole country is talking about it? We see you being extra-meta, THIS.

• It’s us can be funny when it wants to be, and that moment when Beth yelled at Randall to look at her even though she’s not the bride was awesome. R&B productions, baby.

• “I’m going to need you to move on and interact with me as humanely as possible today, okay?”


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