This is a 500 horsepower fully electric Porsche 964 –

This is a 500 horsepower fully electric Porsche 964 – fr

Porsche has publicly stated that its 911 could be among the very last cars in the world to be electrified. But that hasn’t stopped anyone from unofficially proving them wrong.
The latest “retro sports car with batteries inserted” is this one, the Everrati Signature widebody. It is an early 90s Porsche 964-gen 911 with 500 hp of electricity replacing its traditional flat six-cylinder engine.

Everrati insists this was all done with the utmost respect. “By using modern engineering techniques and incorporating advanced EV powertrains, we further improve the performance of each car,” says the founder and CEO of Everrati, “while ensuring they have a ‘feel’ ”Similar ride with weight distribution – and overall weight – mirroring that of the original, allowing automotive icons like the Porsche 911 (964) to be reborn for the coming era of zero-emission mobility, but with the soul intact.

Which sounds great, although it somewhat reinforces the impression that the 964 is the least loved 911 generation – they are already being sacrificed in Singer’s reimagining procedures, and given that Everrati’s plans for the Signature are more than one are fundamentally changed here.

While this is essential, we stress that heart transplantation is reversible. If you have room in the attic and can resist putting your 964’s scalloped motor and gearbox on eBay, they can always be reinserted if you decide the electricity just isn’t working for you.

In its newly plug-in form, the Signature is apparently lighter than when it was a production 964, a feat achieved with the help of new carbon fiber panels. The rear wheels on their own handle the 500 hp and 369 lb-ft of the electric motor, numbers closer to an all-new 992 GT3 and requiring a hugely improved Brembo braking system, albeit with regenerative capabilities. integrated. The driver chooses the strength of the energy recovery. , and the Signature can be driven as a one-pedal car if desired.

The battery is 53 kWh and the range is over 150 miles, but expect this to decrease if you frequently explore the four second time from 0 to 62 mph. We are told that a 10-100% charge can take an hour on a fast DC charger.

Each car manufactured by Everrati will be an individual commission, with an entry price of £ 250,000. Superb? Or sacrilege?


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