These apps drain your battery the most and take up all your storage space. –

These apps drain your battery the most and take up all your storage space. – fr

Cloud storage company pCloud has performed analyzes to see which apps are the worst at draining your smartphone’s battery and which apps are using the most storage. The data used to create these offensive apps includes which apps each app uses (such as camera or location), battery life used by those apps, and whether dark mode is available for a specific app. “By combining the results of these three factors, we were able to calculate which of the 100 most popular apps are the most demanding and crown them as the top phone killers,” pCloud said.

The top two phone shredder apps that drain the battery will probably surprise you. Both the Fitbit app and the My Verizon app are tied for first place, as both allow 14 of the 16 possible apps to run in the background, including the four most “demanding” (the camera, l location, microphone and Wi-Fi). So the two got the highest score of 92.31% making them deadly for your phone battery.

Remember, background activity uses your phone’s battery, so apps that do a lot of work while you’re not watching them kill your phone. Social media apps made up six of the top 20 phone killers, including Facebook (# 5 with a score of 82%), Instagram (# 8, 79%), Snapchat (# 11, 77%), WhatsApp ( # 12, 77%)), YouTube (# 14, 77%) and LinkedIn (# 20, 72%). On average, social media apps had 11 additional apps running in the background, including photos, Wi-Fi, locations, and microphone.

Uber and Skype were number 3 and 4 respectively, both with a score of 87%. Dating apps are well represented on the list with Tinder (# 9, 77%), Bumble (# 10, 77%) and Grindt (# 18, 72%) on the list. All three apps don’t have dark mode and on average they have 11 apps running in the background.

By the way, if you’re wondering why dark mode can save you battery life, that’s only possible on a phone with an OLED display. This is because the latter does not need a separate backlight like an LCD panel does. To create the black color on OLED, all that is needed is for the pixels to be off and since the off pixels are not drawing power from the battery, the feature may allow your phone to run a bit longer between charges.

Now we turn to the apps that take up the most storage on your phone. Surprisingly, the United Airlines app leads the way, requiring 437.8MB of storage, with Lyft and Uber at # 2 and # 3 requiring 325.1MB and 299.6MB of space, respectively. Food-related apps also require a lot of storage, with Uber Eats, My McDonalds, and Yelp Food all in the top 30.


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