The vaccination campaign against Covid-19 in France is developing – fr

The vaccination campaign against Covid-19 in France is developing – fr

France’s vaccination campaign is growing, with all over 50s eligible to receive a Covid-19 vaccination starting Monday (May 10). They can make appointments from today.
Only people over the age of 55 are eligible for AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines. Anyone younger than this will receive the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccines.

Also, from May 12, all adults, regardless of their state of health, will be able to make an appointment for the Covid-19 vaccination if there is one available for the next day.

For example, if you are looking for an appointment next Wednesday and there is one available for the next day Thursday, you will be allowed to book it.

How to book a vaccination appointment with a spare dose

President Emmanuel Macron announced yesterday (May 6) that adults looking for appointments available in the next 24 hours could search for appointments online through booking platforms, like Doctolib.

On the Doctolib website, you must give a reason why you are making an appointment, for example, you are over 60, or you are a healthcare professional, etc.

An option on Doctolib’s website will be added stating that you want to make an appointment within the next 24 hours, said the founder of Doctolib.

Another way to search for available doses is to use the Quick My Dose online tool, a privately developed site that quickly displays available immunization appointments in your area.

Vite Ma Dose creator Guillaume Rozier said his team is working on a new tool, called ChronoDose, which will help people find available appointments in the next 24 hours. It will be available from next Wednesday (May 12).

Read our article here explaining the different ways to book a Covid-19 vaccination appointment – including using Quick My Dose.

Around 20,000 bookings the day after Covid-19 vaccination appointments are made each day in France, Le Monde reported.

In most vaccination centers in France, appointments are full days in advance.

A coordinator of a vaccination center in Saint-Amand-les-Eaux (North) called for more doses to respond to the opening of vaccination to new demographic data.

“We are at 300 vaccinations a day, seven days a week. We can still increase, but we need doses, ”she told Le Monde.

More than 500,000 doses of a Covid-19 vaccine are currently administered daily in France.

The government expects to receive a total of 45 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine this month alone.

The goal is to have given 30 million people at least a first dose of a vaccine by the end of June and to each adult volunteer by the end of the summer.

Who is eligible for a Covid-19 vaccination?

  • Anyone over the age of 60 in France can be vaccinated with one of four types of vaccines: Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson.
  • From May 10: Any resident in France over the age of 50, regardless of their state of health, will be eligible to receive a Covid-19 vaccine. Only people aged 55 and over can receive the AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson types of vaccines.
  • From May 12: All adults if an appointment is available within 24 hours

All adults will be eligible for a vaccination starting June 15.


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