The Star of Epic Adventures –

The Star of Epic Adventures – fr

Joe Lara – famous for his role in ‘Tarzan: The Epic Adventures – and his wife Gwen Lara were killed in a plane crash on Saturday.

The plane, which was a Cessna Citation 501, crashed into Percy Priest Lake after taking off from an airport southeast of Nashville on Saturday, killing all seven people, including Joe, his wife Gwen Lara and locals.

Emergency services worked through the night before all passengers were presumed dead. Rescuers were initially at the scene of the accident by boat and then carried out a dive operation to search the area.

All the families of the passengers were notified before the devastating news broke and the plane crash made headlines.

The late Joe, 58, and his wife, 66, have left behind Gwen’s heartbroken adult children from her first marriage.

Joe Lara rose to prominence for his role as Tarzan on television from 1996-2000 and received massive applause from fans. Gwen was a food guru and founded the Remnant Fellowship Church in 1999.

The two, who were madly in love and married in 2018, also hosted their own Life With Gwen and Joe YouTube channel which gave fans a glimpse into their life together.


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