The Stanley Cup playoffs start on Saturday – fr

The Stanley Cup playoffs start on Saturday – fr

The National Hockey League announced Monday night that the Stanley Cup playoffs will begin this Saturday with the first game between the Boston Bruins and the Washington Capitals.
The league was waiting for certain playoff scenarios to unfold before announcing a start date for the playoffs.

The last matches involving American teams will end on Thursday evening.

The North Division schedule ends with three games between the Vancouver Canucks and the Calgary Flames from May 16 to 19, though both of those teams were eliminated when the Montreal Canadiens clinched last place on Monday night.

The regular season was originally scheduled to end on May 8, but various COVID-19 outbreaks, including with the Canucks, forced the schedule to be adjusted.

The first two rounds of the playoffs will be played by teams exclusively within the same division. The NHL has requested an exemption from the Public Health Agency of Canada to allow Canadian and US teams to cross the border without quarantining themselves for the conference finals.

“We are at the stage where our Canadian clubs are currently working with their local and provincial health agencies to gain support for this request, and it is underway,” said Daly. “We’re hoping we’ll be able, maybe by the end of the first round of the playoffs, to know where we are in the third round of the playoffs. ”


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