The sad sight of a virtually empty Debenhams in Swansea – fr

The sad sight of a virtually empty Debenhams in Swansea – fr

It was once the beating heart of Swansea’s shopping scene and was always filled with shoppers looking for a new hat or a gift.
Generations of people in Swansea have visited the Debenhams store in the Quadrant Shopping Center to find the perfect Christmas or birthday present, dress up in new clothes, or enjoy a meal or coffee with friends or with the family in the cafeteria.

This all came to an imminent end, sadly, in January 2021, with the long-awaited announcement that all Debenhams stores would close when the brand would be bought by online fashion retailer Boohoo for £ 55million. Debenhams will be relaunched as an online-only operation, but stores in Wales reopened for one final sale before closing for good.

The sign says “everything must go” – and much of it has already

It’s a very different picture from the store’s glory days

Empty racks in the workshop

The Fire Sale, which runs throughout May, offers up to 70% off fashion and home products, and up to 50% off beauty and fragrance lines. in 97 of 118 Debenhams stores in the UK.

Images have now emerged showing end buyers grabbing any last minute bargains they can find. They reveal the sad sight of empty floor spaces that were once full of row after row of the latest consumer goods and gifts. Signs saying “everything must be gone” showing 50% discounts and free one-in-one offers hang around the store when the last customers walk through the doors before they are closed for good.

There’s not much to be had from Fred Perry

But there are still some good deals to be had

There is up to 70% discount on some products

Rows of empty clothes racks can be seen next to shelves with a dwindling supply of products as people shop for their latest Debenhams purchases. You can read more about the plans to breathe new life into Swansea’s shopping heart here.

People said closing the store would leave a “gaping hole” in the city center.

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Sian Ifan, a resident of Swansea who expressed shock at the news the day the announcement was made earlier this year, said: “This is a sign of what is happening in Swansea and beyond. major cities in Wales right now. Either way, the department stores were struggling because of the high (commercial) rates. This is going to be a big blow to buyers.

“When the department stores close, all we have to replace them is book stores, so it’s not very inspiring to attract people here. They want to see a city that looks good and looks like it has a future ”.


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