The murderer accused of an 8-year-old girl whose case froze France – fr

The murderer accused of an 8-year-old girl whose case froze France – fr

A former soldier who confessed to killing an eight-year-old girl in a case that horrified France was on trial on Monday for murdering another man months earlier.

Police first said after Nordahl Lelandais’ arrest in 2017 that they were once again reviewing 40 unsolved disappearances and unsolved cases, including the 2012 massacre of an Anglo-Iraqi family in their car in the Alps. .

But since then, nothing has emerged to support theories that the former military dog ​​handler was a serial killer. He insisted that the murders of the little girl and the 24-year-old soldier were accidental.

Here are some of the most high-profile cases Lelandais, 38, has been linked to:

Disappeared during a wedding –
Eight-year-old Maelys De Araujo disappeared on August 27, 2017 from a wedding in the Alps.

For six months, police searched unsuccessfully for his body in a case that gripped the nation.

Lelandais had been invited to the wedding and was quickly the prime suspect, but he denied the crime until the child’s DNA was found in his car.

The military dog ​​trainer finally guided investigators to his body in February 2018.

Lelandais admitted to having killed the young girl “by mistake” and to have hidden her corpse.

Young hitchhiker –
Lelandais was put on trial on Monday for murdering another soldier four months before killing Maelys.

Arthur Noyer, 24, was last seen in April 2017 while hitchhiking in the city of Chambéry after leaving a nightclub.

Parts of his skull were found by a hiker in September of the same year and telephone records placed Noyer and Lelandais in the same area at the same time on the night of the soldier’s disappearance.

Investigators discovered that Lelandais, a martial arts fan, had searched for “the decomposition of a human body” on his computer after the soldier’s disappearance.

He was charged with the murder – which he admitted to police – in December 2017.

Sexual abuse of cousins ​​-
In separate investigations, Lelandais admitted the sexual assault of two of his second-degree cousins, both minors, whom he also filmed.

He is also accused of assaulting a third cousin, then aged 14, on the day of his father’s funeral.

Mystery of the murder of the Alps –
Prosecutors in 2017 said Lelandais could be linked to around 40 other unsolved cases. But more than three years later, none have gone further.

This month, Grenoble prosecutor Jacques Dallest told local media that “Lelandais may have killed other people but we may never know.”

However, a forensic source said AFP that “no link has been established with other disappearances”.

The most famous of these unsolved cases was the murder of a British family near the Alpine village of Chevaline in 2012. A cyclist was also shot dead.

The two young girls survived the horrific attack, one hiding under the skirts of her deceased mother for hours.

Detectives said in 2019 that a different modus operandi made Lelandais’ responsibility unlikely.

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