the Italian winner Maneskin denies taking drugs during the ceremony – fr

the Italian winner Maneskin denies taking drugs during the ceremony – fr

Italian rock band Måneskin, winner of last night’s Eurovision Song Contest (May 22), denied taking drugs on their shows.
In part of the live broadcast of the ceremony, singer Damiano David was seen leaning forward as he sat at a table, prompting viewers to suggest he was sniffing cocaine.

The footage does not contain any evidence of drug use, and some viewers have suggested that David’s proximity to the table and the fact that his hands were visible on the plan proved that nothing illegal was happening.

According to the singer, he was picking up glass from the floor after he was dropped by his teammate Thomas Raggi.

In an Instagram story, the group wrote: “We’re really shocked at what some people are saying about Damiano taking drugs. We are really AGAINST drugs and we have never used cocaine. We are ready to be tested, because we have nothing to hide.

“We are here to play our music and we are very happy with our victory at Eurovision and we want to thank everyone for supporting us. Rock n roll never dies. We love you. “

Speaking to the press after the contest, David also explained the incident to reporters, saying, “Thomas broke a glass… I don’t use drugs. “

Måneskin was crowned champion that night for his performance, while Great Britain finished with a total of zero points.

Here you can find the main discussion points of the ceremony.


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