The first trailer for the iconic gay musical Dear Evan Hansen – fr

The first trailer for the iconic gay musical Dear Evan Hansen – fr

The first trailer for the film adaptation of the hit Broadway musical Cher Evan Hansen just fell.

The Tony-winning musical made its Broadway debut in 2016, quickly becoming very popular and particularly loved by queer audiences.

The film version of the musical, from Universal, is slated for release in September 2021, with Ben Platt resuming his award-winning turn as Evan Hansen.

Cher Evan Hansen tells the story of a teenager with social anxiety disorder who longs to bond with his peers, so much so that he claims to have been the best friend of a student who died by suicide in order to get closer from his family.

The heartbreaking trailer, released by Universal on Tuesday, May 18, moved fans to tears, with one writing on Twitter:Cher Evan Hansen is one of my favorite Broadway musicals of all time! This is going to destroy me emotionally, the trailer made me explode into tears! They have the perfect cast for this movie. “

“I made a mistake and looked at the Cher Evan Hansen trailer, ”tweeted another.

“Now I have to stop crying before I do a big presentation in a few minutes. Wish me good luck. “

A YouTube commentator added: “ Cher Evan Hansen has the potential to save many lives and comes at a time when many people need to hear that they are not alone.

” You’re not alone. Please don’t ever feel like you. Please never feel unable to reach out. Thanks for that.

“If I’m already crying while watching the trailer, I’m going to be a puddle of mess during the full movie.”

The musical film is directed by Stephen Chbosky, screenwriter and director of Charlie’s world, and also stars Julianne Moore as Evan’s mother Heidi Hansen, Colton Ryan as Connor Murphy, the teenager Evan claims to have been friends with, and Amy Adams as Cynthia Murphy, his mother.


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