The Dordogne school canteen is the first in France to win an organic prize – fr

The Dordogne school canteen is the first in France to win an organic prize – fr

The meals served in the canteen of a college and high school in Dordogne are the first in France to obtain a prestigious organic label.
Some 570 students from the Cité Scolaire Alcide Dusolier, in Nontron, who eat in the canteen, were served organic food, produced locally and prepared on site.

The school canteen is the first in France to have obtained the Ecocert 100% organic cuisine label.

Chef Nicolas Lamstaes said most of the ingredients used in the daily menu come from a 20 km radius around the school.

A survey was carried out beforehand among ten farmers, associations and companies of Périgord. The ministry said prices had not increased as a result of the change.

The secretary of the canteen, Véronique Labarre, declared Log in: “It was a great adventure. It involved a lot of work. First, find the suppliers – 70% are local.

“The kitchen staff had to learn to cook in a very different way so that all the ingredients were in season and none were prepackaged in plastic. We presented the change very quickly to the students in January.

“It took a while for them to get used to the new style menus, but they are starting to really like them. “

The menu for Thursday, May 20 is:

Asparagus in caper sauce and pickles.
Grandma’s recipe of chicken with garlic, potatoes and carrots seasoned with paprika
Sheep cheese Tomme
Bowl of cut fruit

“Three years ago, in high school, it was more industrial, no more fries, no more frozen meats. Everything is good, tasty, ”a student told Franceinfo.

The Dordogne was the pioneer in the local production of organic food for school canteens. He now plans to extend the device to nursing homes.

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