The City considers a grant for a new Porsche dealership in Vanier – fr

The City considers a grant for a new Porsche dealership in Vanier – fr

Ottawa’s finance and economic development committee will consider a $ 2.9 million municipal grant next week for a future luxury car dealership in the Vanier region, as part of a program to boost sales. local businesses on the way to Montreal.
Mrak Holdings Inc., also known as Mark Motors, plans to replace Audi and Alfa Romeo / Maserati dealers across Notre Dame Cemetery with a new two-story Porsche building that city staff described in a report as “world class”.

The new building would face the busy corner of Montreal Road and Saint-Laurent Boulevard. The construction is expected to cost $ 17 million, with owners paying the City of Ottawa $ 1.7 million for development costs and building permits.

After its construction, homeowners’ property taxes would drop from $ 25,625 per year to $ 355,620.

The city targeted Vanier for a community improvement plan in 2019. This designation, a tool authorized by the provincial government, allows the city to offer grants of up to 75% of the property tax increase as an incentive to incentivize owners to improve their properties and boost business.

Mrak Holdings would be eligible for a grant of up to $ 2,910,171 over 10 years, and its application will be submitted to the finance committee for approval on Tuesday.

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Montreal Road to Vanier is currently undergoing a major $ 64 million reconstruction. The hydroelectric lines have been buried and its water pipes, sewers and road are being replaced.

“The new facility will represent an important gateway to the Quartier Vanier shopping district and showcase the city’s new streetscape,” City staff wrote in their report, adding that the project will create jobs. .

The general manager of the Quartier Vanier business improvement zone, meanwhile, says it may not seem ideal to have a car dealership on a main street, but the building will be “beautiful” and “flagship”. .

Nathalie Carrier said the Mrak family owns the concessions that have been there for years and that they have been great business and community leaders.

“We are happy to have them,” she said.

Montreal Road is not the only part of the city deemed eligible for community improvement grants.

The City of Ottawa has also targeted Bells Corners in the west, Saint-Joseph Boulevard in Orleans, and has a community improvement plan for the greater Orleans area aimed at attracting large employers.


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