Thai town offers free cows to boost coronavirus vaccination campaign – fr

Thai town offers free cows to boost coronavirus vaccination campaign – fr

Starting next month, a lucky vaccinated villager in Mae Chaem District of Chiang Mai Province will be randomly selected each week to win a young cow worth around 10,000 baht ($ 318.78).

The campaign, which is expected to last 24 weeks, has been enthusiastically received in the city of 43,000 since it was announced earlier this week.

“Our vaccine registration numbers have jumped from hundreds to thousands in a matter of days,” district chief Boonlue Thamtharanurak told Reuters.

“The villagers love cows. Cows can be sold for cash. “

More than 4,000 people from priority groups, including people over the age of 60 and those with pre-existing conditions, have already signed up for their vaccines, Boonlue said.
The city will begin vaccinations on June 7, in line with the government’s nationwide rollout.

Other provinces in Thailand have also offered creative incentives to boost registration, such as gold necklace giveaways, in-store discount coupons, or cash distributions.

At least 1.64 million of Thailand’s 66 million people have already received their first doses and more than 7 million have registered so far.

The Southeast Asian country has been hit by its largest coronavirus outbreak to date, with the majority of its 119,585 cases and 703 deaths recorded in the past two months.


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