Texas hospital staff say vaccine warrant violates Nuremberg code –

Texas hospital staff say vaccine warrant violates Nuremberg code – fr

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A Houston hospital will become the first in the United States to fire workers for refusing Covid-19 vaccinations from June 7, unless a state judge intervenes.

Around 117 staff members prosecuted Houston Methodist Hospital on Friday in Texas State Court, claiming the facility’s vax-or-pink-slip warrant violates World War II codes of ethics designed to prevent medical experimentation on subjects reluctant humans. The so-called Nuremberg Code was developed in response to Nazi atrocities committed on victims of concentration camps.

About 99% of the 26,000 employees of the hospital, the cornerstone of the famous Texas Medical Center, are already in compliance with its vaccination mandate, according to an email sent by Marc Boom, general manager of the hospital, to all employees and doctors. The remaining staff were reminded that they had until June 7 to get the hit or face the consequences.

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The lawsuit represents an escalation of Jennifer Bridges, an outspoken Houston nurse, who took her complaints to social media shortly after her employer’s vaccination policy was announced. His April 17 Facebook post drew 94 comments and encouragement to hire a lawyer. His name appears first among the plaintiffs in the complaint filed Friday in Montgomery County, about an hour north of downtown Houston.


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