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The media are reporting that Tesla’s shipments have seen a significant month-over-month drop in China, and they are trying to link it to the bad press the company has had in the country in recent months.

This is not correct.

There are currently a lot of headlines about “Tesla’s Falling Sales in China”.

Most of the articles are based on a report from China Global Times, a government media publication check, which reported that “Embattled Tesla saw its sales fall 27% in April compared to March in the Chinese market. “

They claimed that Tesla’s sales were down 27% in April compared to March, and they linked it to the fact that Tesla recently received bad press in China:

“Tesla’s sales in the Chinese mainland market fell more than 27% in April from March, after the world leader in electric vehicles was embroiled in a product quality dispute in the market, at the following the protest of several Tesla users on the site of a recent car in Shanghai. expo. ”

Then they explain some of the bad press, the main example being the demonstration at Tesla’s booth at the Shanghai auto show.

Many US and international media have based their reporting on this report by Global Times, which is extremely flawed.

When you look at the details, Tesla’s sales haven’t “fallen” 27% month over month.

Tesla deliveries in China fell from 35,478 cars in March to 25,845 cars in April, and the reason for the decline is not bad press.

Over the past year, Tesla began allocating part of the production capacity of Gigafactory Shanghai, which supplies Tesla vehicles for the Chinese market, to other international markets.

In April, the automaker ended up exporting 14,174 cars from China in April.

Additionally, Tesla had to temporarily halt Model Y production in China in April due to supply chain issues.

Tesla’s stock is declining and the media is associating the drop with the report of declining “sales” in China.


Look, Tesla’s bad press in China may or may not have affected sales, but April statistics don’t show it and the media can’t claim it.

The truth is, we don’t know.

But what we do know is that Tesla’s production allocation in April has been discussed for some time.

Both for sales in China and for the vehicles they needed to ship to other markets.

It’s far too early to tell if the bad press has had an impact on Tesla’s sales in China.

I don’t know if the Global Times, which is again primarily state media, had bad intentions with this report or like many media outlets likes to think it has an impact, so it was too quick to tie the deliveries to its media coverage .

As for the other media, they only repeat Global Timesthe angle, it’s just laziness.

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