Tesla to pay $ 750,000 fine and build solar micro-grid system to fix air quality violations in California – fr

Tesla to pay $ 750,000 fine and build solar micro-grid system to fix air quality violations in California – fr

Tesla has agreed to pay a $ 750,000 fine and install a solar roof project to address air quality violations at its Fremont, Calif., Plant, officials said on Friday.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District, which regulates air pollution in nine counties in the San Francisco Bay Area, said the regulation covers 33 notices of dating violation. of 2015, including “the installation or modification of equipment without proper permits, failure to comply with required emissions tests, failure to keep records and failure to report information to the air zone in a timely manner . “

The violations have since been corrected and Tesla is back in compliance, according to the Air District statement.

The two sides had agreed that the fine should be $ 1 million, but a spokesperson told the Mercury News that Tesla will contribute $ 750,000 directly to the Air District General Operating Fund. Tesla will then receive a $ 250,000 credit upon completion of the installation of a community micro-grid system, which will include solar panels on the roof, as part of the Air District Community Health Protection Program. The program “focuses on improving air quality and public health in the worst affected areas of the Bay Area,” the statement said. “The goal of this project is to reduce electricity costs as well as localized air pollution emissions within the community.”

The location where the microgrid will be installed has not yet been determined. The regulation with the air quality district “commits Tesla to implement a comprehensive environmental management system,” to ensure that the company remains in full compliance with environmental requirements in the future. The statement from the air quality agency did not provide information on the deadline by which Tesla must complete the micro-grid project.

Tesla has fought with public officials in Fremont over the past year, defying local pandemic shutdown requirements. CEO Elon Musk threatened to move Tesla’s headquarters out of California, but earlier this year the company filed permits to expand its Fremont plant, suggesting the move was halted.

Last month, Tesla posted a record profit of $ 438 million for the first quarter of 2021, with sales of $ 10.4 billion.


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