Tesla convicted of slowing charging speed, asked to pay thousands of owners $ 16,000 – fr

Tesla convicted of slowing charging speed, asked to pay thousands of owners $ 16,000 – fr

In a Norwegian court, Tesla was found guilty of limiting the charging speed and battery capacity through a software update.

Unless it appeals, Tesla will have to pay $ 16,000 to each of the thousands of affected homeowners across the country. The fine could be even larger as other similar legal efforts are underway in other countries.

Back in 2019, Electrek reported several reports from Tesla owners of significant drops in range from 12 to 30 miles following a software update.

Only Model S and Model X vehicles equipped with 85 kWh battery packs, which were discontinued in 2016, appear to be affected at this point.

For most owners, the drop in range happened after Tesla’s 2019.16.1 and .2 software updates were updated.

Tesla owner David Rasmussen was among those affected and he had one of the most severe drops we’ve seen.

At the time he said Electrek:

“My 2014 Model S 85 was getting a rated range of 247 miles until May 13. Now after the next update it continued to drop to 217 miles. This is an 11% drop in 5 weeks. ”

Rasmussen plotted the degradation in battery capacity of his Model S over the last 100,000 kilometers or so, and the drop is pretty obvious:

In addition to the loss of range, the rapid DC charge rate at boost stations has also been reduced. Affected owners see much slower charging sessions.

When Electrek reported the problem, Tesla told us that the goal of the update was to “protect the battery and improve battery longevity”, and it only resulted in a loss of range for “one. small percentage of owners ”.

This created a lot of confusion among owners affected by the update who wanted more details on the sudden need to “protect” the battery.

This has led to a series of lawsuits in different markets for Tesla to compensate affected owners.

One of those lawsuits was brought in Norway and the court has now delivered its judgment – finding that Tesla has indeed reduced the charging speed with the update.

According to Norway’s Nettavisen, Tesla did not respond to the lawsuit and the 30 owners behind the case were automatically given 136,000 crowns (~ $ 16,000) each in compensation unless Tesla appeals the case. which he still has a few weeks to do.

There could be over 10,000 Tesla owners affected by the update in Norway alone, which could make the fine quite expensive for the automaker, but more importantly, it could also set the tone for several more. similar lawsuits, including one in the United States.

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