Tesla China to store vehicle data locally while allowing drivers to access it –

Tesla China to store vehicle data locally while allowing drivers to access it – fr

Tesla has mitigated potential safety concerns in China by announcing that it will store vehicle data locally in a post on its official Weibo page, a Chinese social media site. Tesla owners will also be able to access their vehicle data, according to the company’s announcement.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Tesla’s vehicle cameras and sensors were coming under more scrutiny from some Chinese government officials. A report of Reuters said Tesla vehicles were banned on state-owned company properties, military bases, and government facilities because some government employees believed that the cars’ exterior cameras and sensors could capture sensitive information and transmit it to the government of United States. CEO Elon Musk then responded to the allegations by stating that if Tesla spied on China there would be huge legal implications and that he would never pass sensitive data to other entities. “If Tesla used cars to spy in China or elsewhere, we will be shut down,” Musk said.

Tesla cameras raise suspicions in China, military and government workers banned from buying cars

Due to skepticism, some Tesla drivers who worked at these facilities were reportedly told not to drive their vehicles on company property.

As a result, Tesla announced that it will locally store all data captured on its vehicles in China to ensure vehicle data security.

“We have established a data center in China to locate data storage and will continue to add other local data centers. All data generated by vehicle sales in the mainland Chinese market in China, ”Tesla said in a Weibo post. He also said he would open a “vehicle information search platform for car owners”.

“This work is in full swing, and the details and progress will be reported to you one after the other. Thank you for your support. We will work hard to continuously improve the user experience, ”Tesla said of the owner’s information platform. This will allow owners to access the data generated by their cars. Sources also said Reuters that Tesla strengthen its engagement with regulators and expand its government relations team to improve its relationship with the Chinese government.

Advances in Tesla’s vehicle data security platform could be the result of a think tank between Grace Tao, vice president of external affairs at Tesla China, executives at Baidu Inc., a technology company. Chinese specializing in artificial intelligence, and Alibaba executives, a Chinese. e-commerce platform.

Tesla is currently building the Model 3 sedan and Model Y crossover in China at the Giga Shanghai production facility. The two vehicles ranked second and fifth respectively in electric car registration figures in April. Last year, the Model 3 was China’s most popular electric car.
Tesla China to store vehicle data locally while allowing drivers to access it


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