Tesco changes Club card expiration date due to Covid – fr

Tesco changes Club card expiration date due to Covid – fr

Supermarket chain Tesco has extended the expiration date of Clubcard vouchers which were due to run out at the end of the month.
Buyers who hold a Clubcard voucher expiring on May 31, 2020 will now have an additional six months to use the voucher, which means these vouchers will now have a deadline of November 31, 2021.

The expansion gives customers more time to redeem vouchers after the coronavirus pandemic.

The food giant has told buyers it will extend the expiration date of its Clubcard vouchers – but some vouchers will still become void at the end of the month, Essex Live reports.

Tesco Clubcard coupons generally have a two-year expiration period, and those that have been extended are those that were issued in May 2019.

However, not all coupons have been extended.

Vouchers that have already been extended their expiration date – for example, those that were due to expire in November 2020 but are now due to last until May 2021 – will still expire at that time.

This means that if buyers don’t redeem said vouchers by the end of the month, they risk losing them, Essex Live reports.

Tesco’s Clubcard loyalty program is arguably one of the most popular supermarket loyalty programs in the UK.

Shoppers get one point for every £ they spend in stores and online, or one point for every £ 2 spent on fuel.

It comes after Devon Live announced that Morrisons Supermarket was making changes to its ‘Morrisons More Card’, leaving customers unhappy.

The change, which comes from May 10, will no longer allow buyers to collect points.

This has left many of their customers extremely angry with some stating that they have lost a customer as they are now going to shop elsewhere.

Although the new changes take effect on May 10, people can rack up points until May 9 as the supermarket is set to switch to digital-only offers through their app, Birmingham Live reports.

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Instead of receiving offers in points, they will now receive theirs in pounds sterling, which will allow them to earn cash on certain in-store items.

This is where people build up their point balances – something that angered many customers.

On the Morrisons website it says, “We have listened to our customers and they tell us they prefer to be rewarded with instant offers and rewards, instead of earning points.

“Customers tell us they want to give back to their communities and support the environment by living plastic and paper-free wherever possible.

They continued, “In response, we are removing points and moving to a program based on instant cashback and rewards, delivered through the More app on your mobile phone and website. “

For more information on Morrisons changes, click here.

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