Tesco, Boots and more meal deals compared – including the best value ones – fr

Tesco, Boots and more meal deals compared – including the best value ones – fr

The meal deals all offer some sort of discount on a selection of lunch items – but which supermarket or supermarket chain has the best economy?
From Asda to Tesco to Sainsbury’s, we’ve put together the absolute maximum you can save at every store.

Most meal plans work on a blended basis, which means you can choose the items you want either for a fixed price or with the option of getting the cheapest product for free.

Generally speaking, most options will include sandwiches, wraps, crisps and other snacks, as well as a drink – and if you have a fixed price, you will benefit the most by choosing the more expensive products.

Each supermarket has a slightly different meal offering, with prices starting at £ 2.49.

Most supermarkets now have a meal option

Of course, you have to keep in mind that meal deals are still not the cheapest way to enjoy lunch, even if they offer a saving.

The best way to save your pennies is always to make food from scratch and put it in the food you already have in your cupboard.

Boots – £ 3.39 to £ 3.99

The price of the boots meal varies depending on where you live, with a maximum saving of £ 4.85
  • Maximum savings – from £ 4.85 to £ 4.25

Boots’ meal offering includes a main course, a side, and a drink – but there are two different prices, depending on where you buy it.

Stores outside London charge £ 3.39 but stores inside the capital charge £ 3.99 for the meal.

When we asked Boots, a spokesperson told us the best combination to save the most would be if you buy a £ 3.35 sandwich – like the Triple Chicken Sandwich – alongside Innocent Coconut Water. of £ 2.60 and a Kind Protein Bar £ 2.29.

These items would normally cost £ 8.24, but you’ll save £ 4.85 if you buy them outside of London, or £ 4.25 inside the capital.

Asda – from £ 2.49 to £ 9

The best savings with Asda comes from buying three packs of sushi – but you’ll pay £ 9
  • Maximum savings – from 99p to £ 4.50

With the Asda Meal Plan, you mix up a maximum of three products and get the cheapest item for free – and you’re not limited to choosing a main course, snack, and drink.

So, for example, you can choose three main dishes if you are really hungry, and you still get the cheapest free.

The most expensive – but also the most economical – combination would be to choose three main courses that cost £ 4.50 each, for example a pack of sushi.

This normally comes down to £ 13.50, but since you get one for free the price drops to £ 9 – a saving of £ 4.50.

Or if you wanted a more traditional main course, side dish, and drink, the maximum you could actually save would be 99 pence, because the most expensive snack – and what you’d get for free – is Hippeas Chickpea Crisps.

The cheapest combo meal deal at Asda costs £ 2.49 for any £ 1.10 sandwich, a bottle of Coke Zero for £ 1.39 and a packet of Walkers crisps for 85p.

With the deal you will get the Walkers crisps for free – so a saving of 85p.

Sainsbury’s – £ 3.50 fixed price

Sainsbury’s shoppers can save £ 4 by choosing a gluten-free chicken wrap – regular wrap shown

Sainsbury’s recently revamped its meal offering and now includes Costa hot drinks – but now charges £ 3.50 as a fixed price, down from £ 3.

Again, you choose a main course, side dish, and drink to save money.

When we asked Sainsbury’s the best saving would be £ 4 if you choose a gluten free dish – so it might not be for everyone.

They calculated that saving by choosing a gluten-free chicken wrap for £ 3, £ 1.35 of nomad oats as a snack, and a mocha in Costa syrup, priced at £ 3.15.

This combination would normally cost £ 7.50 – but you would only pay £ 3.50 through the deal, with a saving of £ 4.

The more expensive main dishes that aren’t gluten-free – for example, a duck and hoisin wrap or a selection of fish sushi – cost £ 2.50, bringing the savings down to £ 3.50.

Morrisons – Fixed price £ 3

Morrisons shoppers can save £ 3.90 with their meal deal
Morrisons shoppers can save £ 3.90 with their meal deal

Along with Tesco, Morrisons has one of the cheapest prices for meals – £ 3 for a main course, side, and drink.

When we checked the prices today on the Morrisons website, we calculated that the maximum amount you could save is £ 3.70.

This is based on buying a sandwich for £ 2.75 – a mixed triple or a triple brunch – the £ 1.80 birch berry and a £ 2.35 bottle of Vita Coco coconut water.

This would normally come down to £ 6.90 – but again you would only pay £ 3.

Co-op – Fixed price of £ 3.50

At the co-op, its meal offer saves potential £ 3.65

At the co-op, you’ll pay a fixed price of £ 3.50 for a side, main course and drink through its promotion on meals.

You don’t save as much as Boots, but the price of its most expensive combo is still halved compared to buying these items individually.

The items that give you the greatest savings with the Co-op Meal Offer are a £ 2.95 Chicken and Bacon Sandwich, a £ 1.50 Slice of Ginsters Steak, and a 2 Innocent Smoothie. , £ 70.

Buy them outside of the deal and you’ll normally pay £ 7.15 – so you’ll save £ 3.65.

Tesco – Fixed price of £ 3

Buyers save £ 3.49 at Tesco with meal deal
Buyers Save £ 3.49 at Tesco with Meal Offer

Tesco is paired with Morrisons for its meal price, which costs £ 3 for a main course, side, and drink.

The maximum you can save is £ 3.49 by buying the more expensive options – which would be a £ 2.75 package, like Chicken Caesar, £ 1.25 of Graze Smokin Protein, and a 2-bottle, £ 49 Vita Coco natural coconut water.

This combination would typically cost £ 6.49 without the deal – so you’re saving just over half the price.


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