Tens of thousands evacuated in India before Cyclone Tauktae – fr

Tens of thousands evacuated in India before Cyclone Tauktae – fr

Tens of thousands of people were evacuated from their homes in India as a violent cyclone hit the state of Gujarat in northwest India on Sunday evening.

Heavy rains and winds from Cyclone Tauktae, which originated in the Arabian Sea, had already hit some states along India’s west coast, causing power outages, chopping down trees and killing at least six people, according to the Reuters news agency. Four of the six deaths occurred in the southern state of Karnataka, where more than 70 coastal villages have been affected, according to the state’s disaster management authority.

The cyclone, which was classified as a “very severe cyclonic storm on Saturday,” was likely to intensify the next day, India’s Meteorological Department said in a briefing Sunday afternoon. Forecasters said it would hit the coast of Gujarat, one of India’s largest states, on Sunday with wind gusts reaching around 115 miles per hour.

The department said it expected a tidal wave of up to nine feet in some areas, with the heaviest rains in parts of Gujarat on Monday. Gujarat government officials said nearly 150,000 people were being evacuated from vulnerable areas of the coast on Sunday evening, Reuters reported.


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