Teenage girl who felt tired all the time couldn’t walk after illness “attacked her own body” – fr

Teenage girl who felt tired all the time couldn’t walk after illness “attacked her own body” – fr

An 18-year-old had to learn to walk again after developing a disease that attacks her muscles.
Chloe Challoner had just started a new job and had everything in place for her before she started feeling sick when she was just 18.

Suddenly, Chloe, from West Derby, started feeling tired, vomiting and had a headache before her health deteriorated rapidly.

The 21-year-old was later diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called dermato-myositis, which attacks her muscles and skin.

She spent three years rebuilding back muscles, with intense physical therapy, and had to relearn to walk. Devastatingly, after a flare-up, Chloe has to relearn everything after spending five months in the hospital.

Her dedicated mom, Tracy Challoner, 51, is now fundraising to provide her daughter with an electric wheelchair so she can have “a happy life”.

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Speaking to ECHO, Tracy said, “I just want to make her better and change places with her, but I can’t. I had my life and I would gladly give my legs to Chloe. “

Tracy explained that Chloe first fell ill when she was a teenager, having never faced any symptoms before.

After starting a new office job “which she loved”, Tracy said that Chloe was starting to get sick.

She said: “When Chloe was 18 she had finished college, got a desk job and was doing really, really well.

“But she started to lose weight, she was tired all the time, she came home from work and was asleep as soon as she got there – which is not like an 18 year old girl.

“She started throwing up and things just got worse and worse. “

Tracy Challoner, 51, and her daughter Chloe Challoner, 21

After going back and forth to the doctors, Tracy said that Chloe ultimately couldn’t walk and “didn’t have the power to get up.”

She added, “Her voice got funny and she scrambled her words. She was eventually taken to the hospital in Aintree and stayed there for five weeks, then transferred to rehab. “

During her time here, Chloe had to relearn to walk and it was around this time that she was finally diagnosed.

Tracy said, “It’s a rare autoimmune disease. Your immune system is working overtime and thinks it is attacking bad cells, but it is not, it is attacking your own body.

“He attacked his muscles, his thigh muscles, a little bit in his hand, his swallowing tube, his lungs. It was horrible. “

Additionally, Tracy said resilient Chloe needs to learn to sit independently, feed herself, and use her hands in limited ways.

After making progress and doing physiotherapy every week, on December 28, 2020, Chloe suffered another relapse and had to spend the next five months in hospital.

Tracy Challoner, Chloe Challoner (center) and Paul Challoner

Chloe also caught Covid-19 and faced a few tough months, and was just released from the hospital this week.

Writing on her GoFundMe page for Chloe, Tracy said, “Even at her maximum she can only walk very short distances and Chloe’s hands will take a long time to improve, but she trains every day. . ”

Chloe is now back in rehab for physiotherapy, but Tracy would like to see her daughter be given an electric wheelchair so that she can move around independently.

Since she is not completely dependent on a wheelchair in the house, Chloe has been denied a power wheelchair because she can “use a zimmer,” Tracy said.

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But an occupational therapist recommended Chloe an electric wheelchair based on her needs, and Tracy said she would love to see her daughter “have a happy life and regain some independence” with one.

On her GoFundMe page, Tracy said: “She desperately needs to regain some independence when she gets home, but the wheelchair she needs is £ 8,000. I just want my daughter to have a happy life and I would be so happy if we could raise any amount for it. ”

So far, Tracy’s page has seen a surge of kindness from generous donors.

She said: “It’s amazing, it’s from people we don’t even know and it’s shared on Facebook.

“Chloe and I are so overwhelmed. We didn’t think it would happen in a million years. “

Tracy’s page can be found here.


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