Techs and twin brothers, 24, die hours apart after Covid battle – fr

Techs and twin brothers, 24, die hours apart after Covid battle – fr

A day after celebrating their 24th birthday in April, twins Joefred and Ralphred Varghese Gregory from the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh tested positive for Covid-19. Weeks later, the twins who were inseparable in life died within hours of each other.
On May 13, Gregory Raymond Raphael and Soja Raphael, parents of the twins in the town of Meerut, about 100 kilometers from Delhi, were informed by doctors at the hospital where they were admitted that one of their sons, Joefred, was deceased.

When the other twin called his mother from the hospital, he may have sensed that something was wrong. According to media reports, Ralphred told his mother, “Mom, you are lying. “

He died the next day.

India has been ravaged by the coronavirus. The second devastating wave to hit the country left thousands – almost 279,000 died in the country. Crematoriums and cemeteries are reporting a lack of space and hospitals are still reporting a shortage of oxygen cylinders for patients with severe Covid.

The Meerut twins had developed a fever one day after their birthday, April 23. As the family isolated them and monitored their oxygen saturation levels at home, their symptoms began to worsen around May 1, when they were both admitted to hospital.

On May 13, their father, Gregory Raymond, told the Express India: “Our world has collapsed… When Joefred died, I had the sixth feeling that Ralphred would not make it. Simply because they were inseparable.

The twins were born three minutes apart. Both had a bachelor’s degree in technology.

Both were working from their home in Meerut during this lockdown. Ralphred had taken time off from his office in Hyderabad with an arm injury to visit his family.

While Joefred worked for computer company Accenture, Ralphred worked with Hyundai Mobis.

During this time, the distraught family held prayer meetings. Ms Raphael has been quoted by reports as saying, “Our family is broken. Covid took my sons who had never hurt anyone in their entire lives.


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