Teacher filmed six-year-old hitting with wooden paddle – fr

Teacher filmed six-year-old hitting with wooden paddle – fr

A teacher could face criminal charges after being filmed by a mother as she repeatedly hit a young girl with a wooden sign.

Melissa Carter was recorded bending the crying six-year-old and hitting her with the piece of wood.

The girl’s mother was told to attend Central Elementary School in Clewitson, Fla. On April 13 because her daughter was alleged to have caused $ 50 in damage to a computer.

She went to the principal’s office where she found Carter and a school worker with her daughter. In images captured on the mother’s phone, which she hid in her purse, a school worker can be seen positioning the crying daughter on a chair before being punched three times.

Speaking to WINK-TV, she said: “The manager started screaming. The hate that she hit my daughter with, I mean it was a hate that, really, I never hit my daughter the way she hit her. I had never hit her.

She added that she decided to hide her phone and capture the alleged abuse against her daughter to expose the school to other parents, and therefore had physical evidence to provide to authorities.

She said: “No one would have believed me. I sacrificed my daughter so that all parents can see what is going on in this school.

The mother said she took her daughter to a doctor later that day to check in the red marks and bruises apparently caused by the paddle.

School principal Melissa Carter is accused of beating the schoolgirl and could face criminal charges (Photo: WINK-TV)
The girl’s mother secretly filmed the meeting on her smartphone (Image: WINK-TV)

She said, “I am going to get justice for my daughter because if I couldn’t do it in front of her, I will do it with justice. ”

Police and children’s services are investigating and prosecutors are considering filing a complaint.

Bret Provinsky, a family lawyer, said: “It’s an aggravated battery. They use a weapon that can cause serious physical damage.

“The child is terrified, she feels vulnerable. She can do nothing in the hands of these adults, who have treated her so brutally, savagely, sadistically ”.

Neither Carter nor the school district rave commented on the case.

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