Taxi driver found dead in his Heathrow taxi – fr

Taxi driver found dead in his Heathrow taxi – fr

A A taxi driver has been found dead in his car at Heathrow, as dozens of taxi drivers sleep inside their vehicles hoping to get a ticket.

The man, in his 50s, was found dead in a sleeping bag on Wednesday afternoon and is believed to have been dead for at least three days.

It may have gone unnoticed as taxi drivers face very long wait times at a feedlot near the airport.
Many London taxi drivers have struggled to make a living during the pandemic due to limitations on international travel.
According to the Daily Mail, drivers could be seen sleeping in their cabins – some placing mattresses in the back of their vehicles.
If they leave their cab in the queue and go home to rest for a few hours, they will lose the prospect of picking up a passenger at the terminal.
A taxi driver told the newspaper: “Everyone has been affected by the pandemic, but fewer flights obviously mean lower fares, so we’re waiting longer.
“There are lower rates but what do you do, sit inside with your thumbs or go out to work?”
A Scotland Yard spokesperson said: ‘Police were called shortly after 4:01 pm on Wednesday 12 May at Newall Road near Heathrow following reports of a callous man in a car.
“Officers and the London ambulance service were present and a man in his 50s was pronounced dead at the scene. The death is not considered suspicious and a file will be prepared for the coroner.


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