Tallulah Willis blamed the resemblance to her father, Bruce Willis, “for the incapacity” – fr

Tallulah Willis blamed the resemblance to her father, Bruce Willis, “for the incapacity” – fr

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Tallulah Willis “wanted” to look like her father Bruce Willis growing up.

The 27-year-old star reflected on the physical similarities she has to her father and admitted that she “punished” herself for “not looking like” her mother Demi Moore.

In a candid Instagram post marked with a warning of triggering bodily dysmorphic disorder, she wrote: “It took me far too long to realize that:

” A. Aging Happens Without Your Control, Time Passes And Your Face May Change

“B. I punished myself for not looking like my mother, after learning that I was a BW twin from birth – I didn’t appreciate the resemblance as I believed my “male” face was the only reason for my lack of mobility. – WRONG!

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“I was / am inherently precious and worthy, at any stage of life, at any size, with any hairstyle!” (Just like you) C. You must soothe the hurt in your soul before you try to “fix” the outside. (sic) “

Giving advice to her followers, Tallulah urged them to “be aware of the special and impressionable spirits around you,” as well as “their access to social media and potential trigger images.”

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She continued, “There is more to focusing on how you look than just wanting to feel good about yourself. We all want to feel good and confident, but when he creeps into a deeper, more frightening place where he begins to devour your essence bit by bit, ask for help.

“Don’t be ashamed, this is not a ‘stupid and vain problem’, it is real psychological pain and I see you so clearly and bear witness to the validity of your struggle.

She also revealed things that helped her through a BDD spiral.

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In addition to knocking down mirrors and “setting self-limits” by looking at her reflection, she also suggested “breaking away from social media”, “reading fantasy fiction books”, walking around and listen to music and take a bath with “lotion all on your tender skin”.

She urged her fans to “find a safe person, surround the community,” as well as breathe and “take things 5 ​​minutes at a time.”

And she added, “Write. Word vomit ANYTHING that gurgles in your mind onto a piece of paper, then tear or burn it. Let it flow out of you and no longer take up the precious space of your mind. ”


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