Taiwan offers 200,000 masks to disadvantaged people in the south of France

Taiwan offers 200,000 masks to disadvantaged people in the south of France

The French Red Cross will distribute donated masks to disadvantaged groups in the south of France. (Facebook, Taipei Representative Office in France photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan has donated 200,000 face masks to France, which will be distributed to disadvantaged groups in the south of the European nation, as it continues to fight the pandemic.

The mask donation ceremony was organized by the Taiwanese representative office in Provence and the French Red Cross in the village of Les Milles on Saturday, May 29.

Julien Ruas, head of the southern section of the French Red Cross and former deputy mayor of Marseille, was present at the ceremony. He expressed gratitude to the Taiwanese government and private companies for their concerted efforts to deliver high quality masks to France and for choosing the Red Cross as a partner.

Hsin Chi-chih (辛 繼 志), head of the Provence office in Taiwan, said the recent worsening of the epidemic in Asia is a reminder that the virus knows no borders and that the pandemic can only be overcome with a close international cooperation. He added that although Taiwan is being excluded from the World Health Assembly (WHA) due to political factors, the country continues to promote its “Taiwan can help” campaign to gain international support for Taiwan’s future inclusion in the World Health Assembly. the AMS.

Hsin also thanked the French Senate for unanimously passing a resolution supporting Taiwan’s participation in international organizations on May 6.

The mask donation was made possible through the coordination of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan, the French office in Taipei, the city government of Taoyuan and the Taiwan office in Provence. At the same time, logistical support and transport were provided by a number of French and Taiwanese companies.


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