Syria says Israeli raids target Mediterranean port region of Latakia – fr

Syria says Israeli raids target Mediterranean port region of Latakia – fr

Syrian air defenses downed several Israeli missiles in pre-dawn raids on the Mediterranean port city of Latakia, the Syrian army said on Wednesday, a rare attack on and near the region of ancestral origin of the Syrian leader. from a Russian air base.

A Syrian army statement said airstrikes shortly after 2 a.m. hit several areas along the southwest coast of Latakia. One civilian was killed and six injured in one of the airstrikes that the military said hit a civilian plastic factory in the city of Latakia.

“Our air defenses intercepted the attackers’ missiles and shot down some of them,” the army statement said.

State media earlier reported that the Israeli attack also hit the town of Hifa, east of the port city of Latakia, and Misyaf in Hama province.

The Israeli military did not immediately comment.

Although Israeli strikes in recent years have targeted many areas of Syria, they have rarely hit Latakia, which is close to Russia’s main air base in Hmeimim.

A high-ranking military defector said the Israeli raid struck several areas in the town of Jabla in northwestern Latakia province, a stronghold of the Alawite minority sect of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad that dominates Syria. army and security forces.

Assad is from Qerdaha, a village in the Alawite mountains 28 km southeast of Latakia, where his father, the late President Hafez al-Assad, is buried.

Israel has escalated in recent months a so-called “shadow war” against Iranian-related targets inside Syria, according to Western intelligence sources, who say the strikes are primarily aimed at military centers. research for the development of weapons, ammunition depots and military convoys carrying missiles from Syria to Lebanon.

Iran’s proxy militias led by Lebanese Hezbollah now dominate large areas of eastern, southern and northwestern Syria, as well as several suburbs around Damascus. They also control the Lebanese-Syrian border areas.

Israel has said its goal is to end Tehran’s military presence in Syria, which Western intelligence sources say has grown in recent years.

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