Stuart Broad sur Ed Smith – fr

Stuart Broad sur Ed Smith – fr

Stuart Broad suggested that “the communication was gone” when Ed Smith was the national selector, but insisted he “would understand” if he was excluded from the England test side at any stage so far. summer.
Broad took to Sky Sports to record his anger and disappointment after being left out of England for the first test last summer. He made his point even more eloquently on the pitch, being named England’s player of the series a few weeks later.

While Broad is adamant he would like to play the Seven Tests during the English summer, he admits that it is not “realistic” to play every game and says he would “absolutely” understand if the leadership of the team decided to leave it aside to “gain experience” in different actors “.

“Last year I was upset because the selectors said the first summer test team would be our best team,” said Broad. “For someone who made it through the Ashes successfully, crossed South Africa successfully and stayed in shape, I felt like this was my jersey. I felt I was in the best team. So to say that I was suddenly not in the best team with my record in England, that’s what bowled me over.

“Is it realistic to play all the tests?” No. But if the communication is well done, you understand the reasons. You understand why you might miss some games to be fit for other games. This, with the experience of building in different actors.

“If I had a choice, I would like to play the seven tests. Part of the reason I no longer play white ball cricket is that I am fit and available for test cricket and fresh when I need it. But if Chris Silverwood decides he needs to get some experience with some players and take a look at a different line-up and that’s explained in a good way… absolutely, I would understand.

“I am proud to be available and ready. I play bowling well, take wickets for Notts and help win games. I don’t think much could argue against Jimmy and I being in the best bowling attack in England, but if you need it to get some experience and excess in bowlers this is what it is.

“This is when communication disappears; it’s when players can’t see the reasons or see through. “

This communication complaint appears to be firmly directed at Smith. While Broad broadly rates Smith as “a success,” he admits their own relationship was strained.


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