State lifts COVID limits; Masks may still be required – NBC10 Philadelphia –

State lifts COVID limits; Masks may still be required – NBC10 Philadelphia – fr

If you live in Pennsylvania – outside of Philadelphia – a day you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived: All statewide coronavirus capacity restrictions were lifted as of 12:01 p.m. Monday.

However, if you have not been fully immunized, you are still required to wear a mask in all public places. Additionally, many businesses still need masking.

And there are other rules that will remain in place for hospitals and other health care providers, including those that help the state track cases of COVID-19.

In addition, the changes in Pennsylvania do not extend within the city limits of Philadelphia. Officials there say they will lift capacity limits on June 2 and the indoor mask mandate remains in place.

Still, lifting state capacity limits is a big deal, especially for suburban businesses, which have faced a year of shutdown and then strict limits on how many people can be in their homes. shops, bars and restaurants.

“It’s a heavy weight on my shoulders,” Bob Ross, owner of Gypsy Blu in Amber. He bought his restaurant in June 2020 and opened it on July 23, 2020 – a difficult time for any business.

“I’m emotional about it,” Ross said. ” It’s my life. It’s my family’s life. It is the life of my employees. So it’s really exciting. “

Here’s what changed, as of Monday:

  • Capacity restrictions on bars, restaurants, and other businesses, as well as indoor and outdoor event gathering limits, have disappeared. This means that concert halls, sports stadiums and wedding venues could soon be full for the first time since early 2020.
  • The state ordinance requiring people to wear masks remains in place for those who are not or partially vaccinated. It will remain in place until June 28 or 70% of Pennsylvanians aged 18 and over will be fully immunized, whichever comes first.
  • The state is now following CDC guidelines on masking, which state that fully vaccinated people can do without masks unless their location requires it. For example, travelers at airports and on airplanes are required to wear masks.
  • Municipalities and school districts can continue to impose their own restrictions, which is why Philadelphia’s capacity limits remain in place until June 2.


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