Spanish broadcaster AEW Willie Urbina released after mocking Hikaru Shida –

Spanish broadcaster AEW Willie Urbina released after mocking Hikaru Shida – fr

UPDATE : PWInsider reports that All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has confirmed the release of Spanish broadcaster Willie Urbina following last night’s incident. As Hugo Savinovich notes below, Urbina was apparently unaware that her microphone was on when the conversation was overheard on the FITE TV show.
Urbina previously worked for Impact Wrestling from 2006 to 2014 after entering wrestling at IWA Puerto Rico and Carlos Colon’s World Wrestling Council.

ORIGINAL:During last night’s edition of AEW Dynamite, a clip surfaced in Spanish that aired on FITE TV for the show, in which Willie Urbina pokes fun at AEW Women’s World Champion Hikaru Shida and pokes fun at his Japanese accent. You can listen to the clip in question below.

Luis Pulido translates the exchange, where Alex Abrahantes asks Willie Urbina to translate for Shida’s promo. Thunder Rosa is also on the commentary squad and appears to be telling them to stop in response to Urbina’s offensive impression of the champion. You can read the translated version of the exchange below (via Fightful):

Alex Abrahantes: “Do Shida. »(As in translating his promo)

Willie Urbina: Speaks inconsistently with a stereotypical accent.

Thunder Rosa: “Shut up, fucking shit!” ” (Laughs)

Willie Urbina: Continue with an accent.

Thunder Rosa: “I’ll throw the pen at you if you don’t stop.” (Said jokingly)

Dasha Kuret: “Stop it! You are mean. (Seeming to address Urbina, looking annoyed)

The exchange was said to have taken place during a commercial break ahead of the segment on Dynamite where Hikaru Shida received a new title belt. These conversations were still audible on the FITE TV show.

Hugo Savinovich then posted a tweet about the incident via the Lucha Libre Online account. It was then deleted. He said the following (h / t Fightful for translation):

“A friendly reminder to our friends at the #AEW Dynamite Spanish comment table that while they are on commercial break, any private conversation they have is being heard on FITE TV. That the microphones were open is not the fault of the commentators. Our intention was only to warn them and they have already managed to shut off the microphones for the commercials. It was a manufacturing error. In fact, I noticed it when I changed the language to Spanish in the second hour.

AEW and FITE TV have yet to comment on the situation.


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