Spain, Italy and France will not be on the green list –

Spain, Italy and France will not be on the green list – fr

EEurope’s top holiday destinations are likely to miss places on the green list, a new analysis has found.

Former BA strategist Robert Boyle and PC Agency chief executive Paul Charles, both of whom correctly predicted the latest round of Green List countries, have suggested that a small handful of islands in the Mediterranean, from the Atlantic and Caribbean could make it to the list in the next update – slated for next week – including the Canary Islands, Greek Islands, Malta, Barbados and Jamaica.

This leaves travelers hoping to visit France, Italy and mainland Spain facing quarantine upon their return home for the foreseeable future, as destinations will likely remain on the Orange List.

Using methods similar to those adopted by the Joint Biosafety Center, which informs the government traffic light system, the duo agree that pandemic statistics in these countries are still too high to be considered “safe” trips. .

For example, the seven-day case rate per 100,000 in Spain is currently 299, compared to 28 in the UK. In France the case rate is 102 and in Italy 45 per 100,000. The speed of vaccination has increased somewhat in Europe, but countries are still lagging behind the UK target. 42% of the Spanish population received a first dose, 43% in France and 41% in Italy.

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