Sony is working on integrating Discord into PlayStation consoles – fr

Sony is working on integrating Discord into PlayStation consoles – fr

PlayStation is now teaming up with the popular online communications service, Discord, with the promise to “bring the Discord and PlayStation experiences on console and mobile closer together starting early next year.”

Details on what that would actually entail are slim, and Sony’s announcement simply states that the two companies “are working hard to connect Discord to your social and gaming experience on PlayStation Network.” Whether that means a full-fledged Discord app on PlayStation consoles or more limited integration (like connecting PSN and Discord accounts to more easily chat with friends off the platform) has yet to be announced.

As part of this new partnership, Sony is also investing an unspecified amount of money in Discord as part of its Series H investment round as a minority investor. Discord is one of the largest online communities, especially for gaming enthusiasts, with more than 140 million active users as of December 2020. The company has reportedly been in talks to be acquired by Microsoft as part of a $ 10 billion deal earlier this year, but those talks appear to have ended as Discord decided to remain as an independent company instead.

More information on how Sony is working to integrate Discord into its PlayStation products is expected to arrive in the coming months.


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