Sonny Arrested After Elijah Fight – Nina Worries Fingerprints Will Show Her True Identity? – fr

Sonny Arrested After Elijah Fight – Nina Worries Fingerprints Will Show Her True Identity? – fr

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) could be arrested after his next fight with Elijah Crowe (Dan White) – and that that could leave Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) concerned that her fingerprints will reveal its true identity.

Sonny and Elijah have been at odds for some time now, but Elijah has repeatedly tried to act like Sonny was the one the crime seemed to follow.

Nonetheless, Sonny now has proof of Elijah’s shady activities, and he will indeed consider bringing that proof to Lenny Caulfield (Rif Hutton) and Phyllis Caulfield (Joyce Guy) soon enough.

The problem is, the evidence Sonny and Nina have gathered is not admissible in court. It was obtained illegally and could turn out to be quite fragile anyway.

Even so, Sonny knows Elijah is dangerous and wants to bring him down. Nina wants the same and will agree to a second date to see what else she can find out.

We’ll also see Nina answering questions and asking some of her own. Nina and Elijah will try to determine how far each of them are in the loop. Unfortunately, all will become clear to Elijah when he finds the documents Nina has hidden in her purse.

Elijah will realize that Nina and “Mike” had to team up for his removal, so his anger will flare up.

From there, Elijah’s sinister side will come out roaring like never before. GH fans will see Elijah take a really nasty turn – and Sonny will worry that Nina is not safe around this guy.

As Nina is pulled back into a corner, Sonny will come to the rescue. Of course, it can come at a price if it leads to a major brawl and results in arrests.

Nina’s life may be saved, but could that lead Sonny to discover the old life he left behind? It could worry Nina if Sonny was taken into custody.

All it would take is for Sonny’s fingerprints to be scanned through the system and he might discover that he is none other than a deadly Mafia boss named Sonny Corinthos!

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean the jig is ready for Nina. If Nina could convince “Mike” to focus on her new life and not delve into her mob background, her secret would be safe. “Mike” really likes the clean slate given to him, so the news from the mob boss might be enough to scare Sonny to know more.

Then again, there is the potential for Sonny to be nearly arrested and then let go with a warning.

Nina might even face some heartbreaking moments where the handcuffs are briefly slapped on Sonny, but maybe she could convince the cops that this was really a case where Sonny was defending her against the out-of-control Elijah.

Either way, Elijah will indeed bring some peril during the week of May 24-28 – and Sonny will take drastic steps to ensure Nina’s safety is assured. As more updates arrive, we’ll keep you posted!

General Hospital spoilers say that Nina will soon have to face new dilemmas from Sonny, so she better be ready to make it!

CDL will have other spoilers, updates, and news from General Hospital to read, so stop by regularly for more details on GH.


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