Slim Gemma Collins looks amazing in tight hot pink as she raves about the fitness – fr

Slim Gemma Collins looks amazing in tight hot pink as she raves about the fitness – fr

Gemma Collins stunned fans as she posted an amazing photo of herself that looked amazing in hot pink today.
Dressed in a stunning form-fitting workout outfit, TOWIE’s favorite beamed for the camera in front of a treadmill, with her blonde hair pulled back into a low ponytail.

Sharing it with her 2.2 million Instagram followers, Gemma wrote, “This time sucks! But don’t take me out of my fitness plan! Makes you feel so good. ”

TV personality Billie Faiers was quick to tell the star how beautiful she looked, writing, “Wow !! Gemma, you are beautiful !!! “

Billie wasn’t the only one to jump in, actress Davinia Taylor wrote: “Step into the sauna !!!!!! “

Gemma Collins looks amazing in pink workout gear

One fan asked about Gemma’s fitness routine, commenting on how good the star looked, typing, “Wow [fire emoji] you look fantastic, i need to copy your fitness plan and i need motivation. ”

Another stepped in, calling it an inspiration. She wrote: “You look amazing [clapping emoji] inspiration right there. ”

Fans were quick to comment on how beautiful the star looked, though one of them reminded Gemma that she always looked amazing.

“You look amazing, you always have but you are really radiant,” the fan wrote.

The reality TV star has wowed her fans with the spectacular weight loss of more than three stones in recent months.

She works out and eats healthily, but also talked about the different weight loss techniques that appeal to her.

Gemma looks amazing

Gemma has started to lose weight in recent months

One in particular is cryotherapy, where the body is subjected to short bursts of freezing temperatures, up to -140 ° C.

Also known as cold therapy, the chambers use liquid nitrogen to lower temperatures below the coldest natural temperature on Earth – which was a freezing -89.2 ° C which was recorded in Antarctica in 1983.

A single five-minute session would help a user burn up to 800 calories.

Gemma is such a fan of the method that she said she wanted an ice chamber for her own home.


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