Simone Biles solves the difficulty. ‘Because I can.’ – fr

Simone Biles solves the difficulty. ‘Because I can.’ – fr

Yet when Biles landed, it sent the small crowd at the Indiana Convention Center into a frenzy.

The judges who rated her, however, weren’t so impressed. Despite the difficulty of the move, they gave him a provisional score value of 6.6, close to what Biles’ other chests received. This limited the points available to perform it successfully, a point that frustrated Biles suggested was unfair to her.

“I feel like now we just have to get what we get because there’s no point in fighting because they’re not going to reward it,” she said of the judges and, ultimately, from the International Gymnastics Federation, which has the final say on the starting values ​​for new jumps performed in competition. “So we just have to take it and be silent.”


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