Simon Cowell returns to e-bike after back injury – fr

Simon Cowell returns to e-bike after back injury – fr

The AGT host was spotted riding another electric bike on Sunday in Malibu with his girlfriend, Lauren Silverman, and his young son, Eric … Who all had their own bikes. Interestingly, however, it was only Simon who seemed to use a motorized version.

You can tell it’s an electric bike thanks to that little box glued to the frame’s down tube – they help propel the bike forward with more acceleration when you pedal, giving you a boost.

The fact that Simon is riding any of these again raises eyebrows at first glance. Of course, Simon practically broke his spine on this exact type of model in August… while testing his new e-bike, in none other than the backyard of his own home.

If he almost got crippled from that setting… this one – in public, along a windy bike swim with other riders passing by – is certainly a lot more dangerous, potentially. Still… it looks like he got it, but seeing it worries a little.

Simon underwent 6 hour emergency back surgery at the time… and has undergone intensive rehabilitation since then to get back on his feet. Welp, now he’s back on his ass.


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