Shawn Michaels thanks Kevin Nash for taking him to Main Event level – fr

Shawn Michaels thanks Kevin Nash for taking him to Main Event level – fr

The new “Two Dudes with Attitudes” edition of WWE Untold is live on Peacock and the WWE Network, telling the story of WWE Hall of Famers Shawn Michaels and “Diesel” Kevin Nash, and their time together.

As seen below, Michaels spoke to TMZ and explained how they got on in WWE.

“Kevin has really played a big role in my life and really… obviously in my career, taking my singles career, and I would probably say at that level of the main event,” Michaels said. “I felt like I was doing a really good job of moving from Sherri to myself, but it was sort of in that area of ​​the Intercontinental Championship and I think when Kevin joined me at that point, we were able to take us to another level in WWE.

“When you’re doing it, it all goes really fast and you don’t really have time to look back and think about it, so every time they come up with these documentaries it’s always fun. to be able to take time. and focus and talk about the appreciation you have for this moment. “

Michaels also admitted that he and Nash were “troublemakers” at times, but they both became really great pro wrestling players and it is mind-blowing at times.

“You look back on it with fond memories. I think everyone knows by now that there have definitely been times when we brought out the best from a point of view in the ring and we took ourselves to another level, maybe less but personally, you know… we were kind of troublemakers, ”Michaels admitted. “But again coming back to it now, obviously… very fond of both of us, we can really appreciate where this has taken us in the eyes of the wrestling industry as a whole. We’ve both become very big players, so to speak, in the wrestling business, and that aspect is mind-blowing at times.

Michaels was also asked if he had any good stories from their time together. He recalled the start and how he saw comedian Andrew Dice Clay in WCW’s character Nash “Vinnie Vegas”. He explained how their run together quickly led to a lifelong friendship.

“Well, honestly, the one that always sets me apart is really the start, because just the way it happened,” Michaels said. “I had seen him at WCW as Vinnie Vegas. I remember at that point thinking Andrew Dice Clay was the funniest guy and kind of had a side of that in Vinnie Vegas and seeing him and then of course a certain time later by talking to Rick Steiner about it, and mentioning him to him and wanting to have a bodyguard.

“So just the way, again for me now I’m looking back and some things were… in the real world, you call them ‘coincidences’ but me in my world of faith, I kind of look at everything as placed on it.” ‘in a way to bring me down the path where I finally went, and Kevin was obviously a big part of that. I really think about that beginning and just being two strangers, being pushed together and how quickly it turned into a lifelong friendship. I’m old and sweet now, I’m very sentimental about this stuff now.

You can see footage from Michaels’ TMZ interview below:


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