Seven more NJPW wrestlers tested positive for COVID-19 – fr

Seven more NJPW wrestlers tested positive for COVID-19 – fr

New Japan Pro Wrestling reports that seven wrestlers have tested positive for COVID-19. The news comes following two positive NJPW talent tests during Wrestling Dontaku weekend, bringing the total to nine.

Like the first two, the names of the seven wrestlers are withheld for their privacy. Anyone who tested positive would have “mild symptoms or are asymptomatic”. WrestleZone wishes a speedy and safe recovery for everyone involved.

The NJPW recently postponed its Grand Slam wrestling events at Yokohama Stadium and Tokyo Dome, as parts of Japan are currently in a state of emergency due to an increase in the number of cases.

Here is the full statement from NJPW:

As a result, PCR testing was performed on the entire roster after the Wrestling Dontaku event on May 4 in Fukuoka, New Japan Pro-Wrestling learned seven positive tests for COVID-19.

As previously reported, two wrestlers who presented with a fever on the day of the May 4 event were immediately tested in accordance with COVID protocols, with the tests coming back positive.

In light of this news, everyone who had close contact with the infected parties, in addition to all the wrestlers on the list, received PCR tests, along with seven other wrestlers who tested positive.

Anyone who has tested positive has mild symptoms or is asymptomatic. According to protocols and on medical advice, all isolate themselves and receive appropriate treatment.

New Japan Pro-Wrestling has a strictly implemented COVID-19 policy developed under the guidance and guidance of experts. This includes daily checks of blood temperature and oxygen saturation, as well as regular PCR tests. All participants are subject to temperature control at the entrance to venues, masks are required during training and behind the scenes, and packaged food is provided to limit unnecessary movement outside. However, we take these developments very seriously and are working to further strengthen our COVID-19 countermeasures in the future.

NJPW deeply apologizes for the concern over fans and staff and asks for your understanding.


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