Seth Meyers calls Trump the “David Blaine of crime” –

Seth Meyers calls Trump the “David Blaine of crime” – fr

“Aside from the lack of facts, insiders said investigators were looking to determine whether the declared value of properties owned by the former president had been manipulated in a way that defrauded banks and insurance companies,” and whether tax benefits were obtained illegally through unscrupulous asset valuation. . Well of course they are unscrupulous. This man has never scruple. Investigators better bring in an unscrupulous scooper. ” – STEPHEN COLBERT

“Besides being a potential crime, ‘unscrupulous asset valuation’ sounds like something Trump would put under ‘interest’ on his Tinder bio.” – SETH MEYERS

“Now, it’s no surprise that Clownigula’s training for this grand jury did not please him. He published a long article on the Internet calling the investigation a “witch hunt” which was “purely political”. Not purely – it’s also emotional and spiritual. Each of my chakras wants you to be in jail. – STEPHEN COLBERT

“But how can he say it’s political when he’s no longer in politics?” Well, according to Politico, simple: start another presidential race. Plus, as one aide put it, “he is terribly missing being president.” It makes sense: he spent four terribly years in the presidency. – STEPHEN COLBERT

“If Obama were investigated, we would talk about it too, but we don’t. The only news Obama is making these days has to do with showbiz. In fact, if you hear about the Obama investigations, it’s probably a new show on HBO Max. – SETH MEYERS


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