Season 1, Episode 3 – HBO, Kate Winslet – fr

Season 1, Episode 3 – HBO, Kate Winslet – fr

Warning: this post contains spoilers from Sunday Easttown mare.

We encourage Mare Sheehan to solve the murder of Erin McMenamin on Easttown mare, sure… but we maybe support her a little less as a person after what happened in Sunday’s episode.

Mare has custody of her grandson Drew, after her son Kevin died by suicide and Drew’s drug addict mother Carrie ended up in rehab. Last week, Carrie announced that she was clean and that she intended to take back custody of her son. This week, Helen blurted out Drew that he might have to move on to live with his mother, categorically telling Mare, “She’s the mother. She will get custody. Mare went to see Carrie at her halfway house and asked Drew for time to finish the school year, but Carrie wants to start her new life with her son right away. After Mare threatened to tell a judge that Carrie was an unfit mother, Carrie got mean, telling Mare that “Kevin f-king hated you” and that Drew “deserves a lot better than you.”

Later, we saw Mare sneak into an evidence locker and take something with her when she left. At the end of the episode, the police chief confronted Mare: Carrie was arrested and the cops found heroin on her. Carrie claimed the drugs were placed on her – and the Chief knows that Mare took those drugs from the evidence locker and edited the diaries. “Part of me wants to make sure you never wear a badge again,” he said gravely, putting Mare on leave and asking her to go to mourning council to deal with her son’s death once and for all. . He also took his gun and badge – and ordered him to stay away from the Erin McMenamin case. (But we all know that won’t happen, right?)

Mare “feels that she has wronged her own son,” star Kate Winslet told TVLine. “She couldn’t solve it, nor fix it, and couldn’t save it. He manifests in these huge ways and just infiltrates his world to a truly destructive degree. And that also makes him make bad choices. What she does with Carrie at the end of [Episode] 3, it is a woman who is at the absolute limit of real despair.

Elsewhere in “Enter Number Two”: Kenny confessed to shooting Dylan, but the child is not really dead (he is hospitalized, however, and can never walk again); Mare cornered Frank over the paternity rumors, but he angrily insisted that he never touched Erin and had a DNA test to prove it; Mare followed Erin’s severed finger to a park miles away, deducing that she must have been killed there and then thrown into the stream; Colin spoke drunk about his failed engagement and hit Mare (!); and Mare and Colin interviewed Deacon Mark, who was the last person to speak to Erin before her death. He claimed it was innocent… but later we saw the holy man throw Erin’s missing bicycle into the river.

Do you feel any different about Mare, now that we’ve seen her do something horrible? Who do you think killed Erin? And how do you feel about the season so far? Drop all your thoughts and theories in the comments below.


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