Saskatchewan vaccine age limit drops to 20 Sunday, second doses begin Monday – fr

Saskatchewan vaccine age limit drops to 20 Sunday, second doses begin Monday – fr

Two more vaccination milestones will arrive on May 16 and 17, as Saskatchewan continues its vaccine rollout.
On the 16th, vaccines will be opened every 20 years and over. Like every age deployment before it, this opening concerns all reserved appointments, drive-thru, pharmacies, mobiles and walk-in clinics. People can book an appointment online or by phone at 1-833-SASKVAX, or find pharmacies or drive-thru services online.

Eligible persons also include:

Vaccination clinics will be open in Lloydminster at Lloydminster Exhibition Grounds on May 15, 16, 17, 19, 20 and 22.

The second vaccine doses will start on May 17

The day after this change in eligibility, people over 85 will start receiving their second dose of COVID-19 vaccines, provided they have received their vaccine by February 15.

Those diagnosed or treated for cancer and those who have received a solid organ transplant will receive an eligibility letter in the mail which will also allow them access to a second dose.

The health ministry said residents will be notified in different ways when it is time for a second dose, through online and local advertisements. They say residents can be prepared by knowing when they received their first dose, which will be on the card they received when they received it.

If they have lost the card, they can call 1-833-SASKVAX or view the vaccination history on their MySaskHealthRecord account.

When a person shows up for their second vaccine, the person injecting them will check if they are within their eligibility deadline and the type of vaccine delivered that day will be presented to avoid mixing two brands.

The province says it will continue to distribute the same brand in the second dose as the first, at least until more information is found on the safety and effectiveness of the dose mix.


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