Sask. NDP calls on provincial government to drop family’s $ 300,000 COVID-19 hospital bill – fr

Sask. NDP calls on provincial government to drop family’s $ 300,000 COVID-19 hospital bill – fr

Saskatchewan’s opposition is asking the province to drop a family’s COVID-19 hospital bill of $ 300,000.
Narcisa Carranza is visiting on a tourist visa. Carranza had come to Canada to see her grandchildren with the intention of returning home to the Philippines in January 2020. Then the pandemic struck.

Carranza and her husband had booked a return flight for April 22 of this year. Then in March, Carranza started coughing and vomiting and had a fever. She had contracted COVID-19 and was taken to intensive care in Saskatoon.

After two weeks on a ventilator, she fell asleep in a coma.

“She was stuck in Saskatchewan, where this premier didn’t do enough to protect people from COVID-19 … And she ended up in one of our overwhelmed intensive care units,” said the chief of the NDP Ryan Meili in a legislative session Friday.

“These are extraordinary times. Times when we were asked to be all together. A global fight against a global pandemic. Will the Prime Minister commit today to helping Ms. Carranza and waiving these fees? “

Official Opposition Leader Ryan Meili called on the Saskatchewan government to drop the COVID-19 Family Hospital Bill in a legislative session on Friday. (Michael Bell / The Canadian Press)

Today, Carranza is recovering. The family asks strangers for financial help after the family is hit by the bill. The hospital stay is $ 300,000, but Carranza’s travel insurance can only cover $ 50,000. The family is hoping for community or government help.

As of Friday afternoon, Carranza’s family was only able to raise just over $ 12,000 of their goal of $ 50,000 on GoFundMe.

Health Minister Paul Merriman said he could not comment specifically on Carranza’s case.

“Those individuals who [the Opposition are] just throwing in this House and using them like political balloons is just classy, ​​”Merriman said in response to Meili’s call.

“We have provided health care to everyone who enters our province, no matter where they are from, their country of origin… and we will continue to do so… We will continue to work with all the families who are suffering. received an invoice from the Saskatchewan Health Authority. We will continue to work with them to make sure they are able to make the payment. ”

Narcisa Carranza must have been put into a coma as she battles COVID-19. (GoFundMe)


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