Sask. accept Manitoba patients in intensive care as COVID-19 increases demand –

Two more Manitobans have moved to intensive care units in Ontario, with four more planned – fr

REGINA – Saskatchewan health officials say the province will begin accepting intensive care patients from Manitoba on Wednesday. The interprovincial agreement comes as COVID-19 hospitalizations push Manitoba’s intensive care capacity to its limits.

Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) CEO Scott Livingstone said the province would accept patients “in a slow and measured manner.”

Authorities plan to transfer Manitoba’s first patient to an intensive care unit outside of Regina or Saskatoon on Wednesday, according to Livingstone.

The province will then work on a daily basis for the next five days to see if Saskatchewan has the capacity to support a Manitoba patient each day, until they reach a predetermined limit of five patients.

“It’s important to know that if we found ourselves in the situation Manitoba finds itself in, we would reach out to our partners interprovincially to get that kind of support,” said Livingstone.

Livingstone added that the SHA is carefully monitoring Saskatchewan’s intensive care capacity, which it says is currently in the lower limit of provincial surge capacity.

There are 30 COVID-19 patients in intensive care units across Saskatchewan. COVID-related intensive care admissions peaked in mid-April at 52.

As of Tuesday, there were 79 patients with COVID-19 in Manitoba’s ICUs. To date, the province has sent 18 patients to hospitals outside the province.

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe said he was thinking of affected families across the border.

“Our hearts are most certainly with many families in Manitoba. Where we have the capacity and where we can help, we will certainly help our fellow Canadians in our neighboring province.


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