San Antonio chosen to host an international cycling race affiliated with the Tour de France next year – fr

San Antonio chosen to host an international cycling race affiliated with the Tour de France next year – fr

SAINT ANTHONY – What do the French Loire Valley and San Antonio have in common? Well, in 2022 the Alamo City will have its own international cycling event, hosted by L’Etape, the same group that races the Tour de France.

The international cycling event will take place in Alamo City from April 8-10, 2022. An official announcement from San Antonio Sports – the region’s non-profit and sports commission that seeks to transform the community through sporting events – is scheduled for June 1 with more race details.

The event’s announcement was first reported by the San Antonio Report on Friday.

L’Etape will host races in 14 different countries in 2021, including three in Mexico and one in Canada.

According to Russ Bookbinder, president and CEO of San Antonio Sports, the event will be multi-terrain and designed for a variety of cyclists.

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“It is a major event. It is an international event. It ranges from pro level runners to kids’ races, ”Bookbinder said. “But the only thing from our perspective and for the health of our community, we’re looking at what the Rock and Roll Marathon did when we brought this to San Antonio, what it did for the running community and improved the health of our community – we think this could do for cycling in the area what the Rock and Roll Marathon did for running.

According to Bookbinder, San Antonio was chosen to host the race because of its unique culture and proximity to Mexico.

“San Antonio was chosen specifically because of our culture, our proximity to Mexico and our good community of riders,” said Bookbinder. “The fact that our community knows how to organize major events and that we come together – whether in the city or in the county and in the hotel community – everyone comes together and we have a wonderful community of volunteers here to help. ‘event.

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Bookbinder said that while every event the city hosts is different, organizers are able to take the lessons learned and apply them for an even greater customer experience in the future.

In terms of crowd appeal, Bookbinder said the race will likely attract runners from the San Antonio area, Hill Country and around the world.

“This race will attract people from across the country. Obviously (the race) will draw to Texas, our area, but probably half of the ridership coming from outside of San Antonio, ”Bookbinder said.

You can read more about L’Etape on its website here.

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